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Innovation in all aspects of magnetic sensors

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VS Sensorik is a well-known specialist for magnetic and sensor technology. With the help of magnetic sensors we provide solutions for measuring distances, angles, rotation speeds, positioning, wall thicknesses, and vibrations …

The targeted use of magnetic principles allows us to unify properties like robustness, reliability and precision in our sensors.

“Stick to what you know!” — VS Sensorik has taken this expression to heart and therefore concentrates its efforts in the field of magnetic sensors.  We also rely on specialist partner firms, for aspects such as manufacturing electronic PCBs or producing mechanical components.

Our tools and manufacturing technologies are:

  • Software (currently in-house developments) for the simulation of magnetic, electrical, mechanical and thermal sensor behaviour
  • CAD programmes for the simulation and design of everything from electronic circuits right up to PCB layout for the sensor's signalling electronics
  • CAD programmes for the sensor's mechanical structure
  • Precision mechanical assembly
  • Adhesive and sealing technologies
  • Measurement and testing technology for recording magnetic, electric, thermal and mechanical parameters of the sensors and their components in manufacturing and quality control

Today for the future

Our biggest asset is our employees; their skills and expertise. Regular training sessions and seminars in further education ensures highly innovative products and production technologies. 

Our current future-orientated developments for the products of tomorrow include:

  • Magnetic low-field sensors
  • Magnetic 3D sensor technology
  • USB measuring and calibration devices

In view of our ever-growing order volumes and the ongoing growth of our product portfolio, we are making specific investments for the expansion and modernisation of our production facilities. This will permit us to guarantee a high level of process reliability, meet the growing quality requirements of our customers and maintain our implementation of innovative product ideas.