VS Sensorik GmbH
Reliable, innovative and future-orientated

VS Sensorik GmbH was founded in April 1993 in Unterschleißheim, a technology hub north of Munich. Through a close partnership with our customers and suppliers we have generated mutual success since our creation – ongoing supplier stability, permanent product support, fast responses to new applications, introduction of new sensor principles and manufacturing technologies.


Important events in our biography:


Production of our first model RGK2M gear wheel encoder for use in tool spindles


The world's first magnetic proximity switch with selective switching for ferromagnetic switch marks and with unmatched pressure resistance


Model MGD, HDI2 magnetic gear pulse encoders, for use in electric vehicles and other applications

2007 Introduction of magnetic gear wheel encoders in the RGM2G series using GMR elements with an ESD resistance of up to 30 kV, availability as I2C interface to program sensor parameters
2008 DCMU digital USB calibration and measurement box for applications including the online analysis of analogue SIN/COS rotary encoders up to a speed of over 60,000 rpm
2009 Start of cooperation with Hahn Automatisierungstechnik to reinforce our marketing activities in Baden-Württemberg

Magnetic 3D position sensor for robotsMagnetic 3D position sensor for robots 

Start of marketing activities with our partners in Korea and Taiwan

Relocation of company headquarters to Bielefeld in East Westphalia

Certification according to ISO 9001:2008


Successful certification of a magnetic pulse encoder in an Ex variant

Training operations testes and recognised by IHK Ostwestfalen in Bielefeld