Wind turbines

Robustness, Reliability, Precision and High Dynamics

Our modern world and the related networking requires ever higher energy requirements in industry, automotive and in private life. Wind power is one of the most important energy producers. Wind power plants are complex units that have a large number of sensors as well as control and regulation units for optimal energy generation.

For wind turbine monitoring and control, sensors are an important component in order to initiate a continuous control of the mechanical rotating components and thus to prevent damage in good time.

  • Monitoring of the gear motors
  • Position detection of the wind blade position
  • Position detection of slewing ring generator house

The proximity switches and pulse generators are important sensor units in a wind turbine. These are z. B. used for the so-called pitch control. With the help of the controller, these sensors monitor and regulate the angle of attack of the rotor blades in order to ensure optimum power consumption. In critical wind pressure, the angle of the rotor blades can be changed so that the system switches in a safe and reliable mode.