Robust and with high-resolution

  • Mounted encoder analogue and digital
  • For HSC applications
  • Safety integrated

Speed Sensor

compact and reliable

  • Rotation speed up to 120.000 rpm
  • Non-contact

Pulse sensors

Rotary speed sensors for industrial applications

  • Contact-free probing of gears and slotted discs
  • Detection of speed, direction and stoppage

Proximity switches

Extremely pressure-resistant and temperature-stable

  • Selective detection of switching marks of steel
  • Robustness, high switching frequencies, high temperature stability

Measuring technology

Testing, documentation, calibration

  • Digital calibration and measurement box
  • For production, QA and service
  • Handy, robust and versatile

Customer specific products

Individually tailored to your needs

  • Custom sensors for your measuring requirements
  • From well-founded know-how to innovative solutions